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About Vidya Vikas Mandal

In June 1971, four young professionals – Adv. Hirba M. Naik Gaunekar, C.A. Ganesh M. Daivajna, C.A. Uttam N. Bene, C.A. Sheela N. Borkar – had met to share their concerns about the yawning gap between the need and availability of higher education opportunities for students of South Goa.

The mismatch was most pronounced in the area of Commerce education. Students who could afford it, travelled to cities like Mumbai, Pune, Belgaum or Panaji to get their degrees. Other less fortunate youngsters either made do with the Science/Arts degree or did not pursue a higher education. Thus, they decided to establish a Commerce College.

Encouraged and supported by Shri D. B. Wagh, Director of the Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research of Bombay University in Goa, they set up Vidya Vikas Mandal, a charitable society, devoted to the cause of education.